Where Did William S Burroughs Live?

Yeah, I know he lived in Lawrence, KS, but in checking the route for my roadtrip of doom, I notice that I’m going to be passing right by Lawrence, and assuming the car makes it that far, and that I’ve got enough money for gas, I should be able to spare the time to make a divert and drive past his place and take some pics. So anybody know where it is?

1927 Learnard Avenue

1927 Leanard.

Barry Miles’ biography doesn’t mention a street address, probably because WSB was still alive when it was written.

Juding from some of his work, I’d say somewhere around Saturn.

Between there and Neptune, anyway :eek:

There’s a picture of the house on this page (no direct link, but scroll down and click). It’s a disappointingly bourgeois Tudor style that could as well belong to Larry Tate or Babbitt.