Where do birds go at night

I have several bird feeders in my back yard. I cater to all vareties. At any time during the day, there are dozens of birds of all kinds hanging around on the ground, on the feeders, on the fence, in the trees, on the power lines.

Besides the flocks of sparrows and black birds that pass through, there are lots that hang around there all day, finches, cardinals, chickadees, doves, juncos. But at sundown, they all disappear. They aren’t in the trees, on the wires, flying around, on the ground in the field behind the house.

I live next DFW airport, the sky is very bright and the trees don’t have any leaves, it would be easy to see them in the trees if they were there. So, where do they all go?

They are outside my apartment right now! ALL of them!

I live up north near a dam on the river. The running water dosen’t freeze and ALL of the birds nearby seem to come here. The trees here look like they are full of leaves from all off the blackbirds/crows/ect
perched on them.

People in other parts of town have made the same comment to me as you state. I invite them to wash thier cars and come over some evening.

Really, … You have ALL the birds there? And they are going to make it back here for breakfast, huh? Now, that is something.

Talk about threads that are for the birds.