Where do cows get their calcuim?

Ok, se we all know that cows milk is a good source of calcium, so now the question remains: where do cows GET the calcium? Since they only seem to eat grass, I am forced to say, “DOes grass have calcium?” etc.

I’m guessing, but this seems to make sense, cows are given salt through a ‘salt lick’. This might be made of calcium chloride (sp?)

Isn’t Michelle a vet? She might know exactly.

I don’t know about grass specifically, but green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of calcium.


Say, anyone remember the theory of transmutation [sp?]. In short, converting one element into another.

Bull you say?

Ha! For example, chickens fed no calcium at all can still lay eggs [fragile but still eggs].

It stands to reason that if cow milk has calcium then it is in their diet. Again I bow to Holly’s medical reasoning, cows will eat practicly any vegetable matter. I once fed one en entire bunch of over ripe bananas then watched, amazed as she polished off the stalk. Grass, although nutrient poor is consumed in huge amounts, seeds and all. Weeds, gramma’s vegetable patch and anything else they can get to is consumed. So no deficency in greens there. As for chickens, calcium deficent birds will lay thin shelled eggs so supplements are frequently added to corn heavy feeds. Was common practice until the mad cow freak out to add crushed egg shells. Some purists use nothing but expensive seed mixtures (my understanding is most of the vitamins and minerals are in the seed husk) but ol’ Mcdonald prolly just adds in some good old crushed oyster shell. As for transmutation, there is a strain of superconducting supercoliding egg smashing chickens residing at Los Alamos, but their eggs contain too many cobalt isotopes for human consumption.