Where do I find e-mail addresses on the web?

There are many people that I’ve lost touch with over the years that I would love to try and contact via e-mail. Unfortunately the e-mail search engines I’ve used have been unreliable at best. Does anyone know of a site or search engine where I could track down some of these addresses?

Unless the person makes their address known to sites like Switchboard, there is no way. You either have to get the address from them or someone who knows them.

Unless you’re in the same age group as me (college aged), this probably won’t help you, but a lot of universities have directories available of their students. I’ve looked up a few my friends that I haven’t heard from since High School (a whole 3.5 years ago), by going to their Universitiy’s website. I guess this only works if the person you’re trying to look up is in school, you know what school it is, and it is one of schools that makes thier student directories available to the public.

Sorry this probably isn’t much help, but who knows, maybe you just happen to be looking up someone in college.

You can try a Yahoo people search, although it will only find e-mail addresses of people who’ve registered (although sometimes it has postal addresses and phone numbers for people who haven’t – I found my grandparents listed on there and they definitely haven’t registered).

As Blunt mentioned, it can be a lot easier to find former classmates. Look and see whether your former school/college has a website (almost certain for colleges, iffy for high schools); if they do then they may well have an alumni section. There are also websites that provide this service for schools and students. I came across classmates.com the other day and was astounded to see that my HS had almost 2000 listings, many who had not registered on the “official” alumni website.

If you were in the military, it’s worth a look to see whether similar websites are available for former/current military personnel.

I imagine that companies probably don’t list former employees; however, if they have a website you may be able to get in touch and ask if they can give you any info on where a former employee might have gone.

You can also try looking them up on popular instant messaging programs, like ICQ (which is free). ICQ has a search engine for its members who want to look up other members. I’ve tried this before out of curiosity and found a couple of people registered who I would have had no other way of finding. It’s worth a shot.

Needless to say, sometimes finding people can take a lot of persistence. Hope some of this helps. Good luck!

Go to your favorite search engine or three, and put their name in, surrounded by quotes. See if you can find a homepage of theirs, a post of theirs on a message board, or their manifesto of how they’ll steal all the burgers from McDonalds and give them to Burger King.

Email search engines are notoriously unreliable, as they’re usually dependent on people registering for the specific service.

Of course, this is all useless if the person has a common name.

Each has different mixes of info needed and returned, so I have them all bookmarked for tough searches.
Note: Some have reverse look-up for email and phone #s, to find a subscriber name, but often that direction will get you an “unpublished” notice even if they find it.