Where do people find this stuff?

I was listening to a internet radio show today about green building practices, and the discussion in the chat room was on a totally different topic: the “fact” that John McCain fired one of his top advisors as he walked off the stage after the debate yesterday, and that Hanoi is going to release to Obama’s campaign McCain’s medical records from his POW days (500 pages! in five days!) that will show a history of mental illness, use of Prozac, refusal to attend anger management therapy. Now, since I don’t believe the Hanoi Hilton offered anger management classes for their prisoners, nor do I think that Prozac was even available back then, I don’t put much credence in this information. I followed all the links provided in the chat room, and Googled, but I find no mention of these rumors. So my question is, where do people find this “information”?

Le vent du derriere.

(No, I did not take French. Forgive if I have ordered barnacles with toast)

Ever seen a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat? These people pull “facts” out of their ass.

McCain, Hanoi Hilton, anger management, medical records, Prozac, Obama…

It sounds vaguely like a recitation of spam e-mail. Are you sure it wasn’t Paris Hilton?

Did they mention anything about McCain’s use of “MA1Lxxx0RD3RxxxV1AGRA?”

That would be quite an impressive find, considering that Prozac didn’t make it onto the market until 1987.

That was my thought exactly! And I’m sure someone will research the origin of the term anger management.

It was a secret military pill before 1987, used in psychological warfare by the Soviets and their clients. You can look it up! :dubious:

Oh, good one!

The big difference is that most U.S. servicemen haven’t been inside the HANOI Hilton.