Where do you get those things for the sides of a window A/C unit?

You might think this is a strange time of year to be asking this question, but I’ve been looking since April and I have not had any luck.

When I moved, a friend gave me a window air-conditioning unit, but it didn’t have those expanding plastic things for the sides that cover up the parts of the window that are left open when you install the unit.

I’ve looked without success at Home Depot, Lowe’s, K-Mart, Sears, Target, and local hardware stores (in the Northern Virginia area).

Does anyone know where I can get these things, either around here or online?

We just used styrofoam.

In my experience, they always come with the unit, molded onto the A/C’s frame at the factory, and if they bust off, you just go find a chunk of some kind of plastic (or styrofoam :slight_smile: ) and stick it in there, applying duct tape judiciously.

The lid from one of those Rubbermaid blanket box-type things is soft enough that you can cut it to shape with an exacto knife, and flexible enough that you can wedge it in the opening.