Where do you go to buy clearance off season coats

I probably waited too long to buy a winter coat after the season ended, in part because I assumed since temps were still in the 30s that stores would still keep them in stock and sell them.

However now most stores nearby have sold them. And I wear an XXL, so even the stores that still have them tend to not carry a rarer size like that.

Are there good online sites where you can search winter coats that are on clearance? Amazon is pretty good, so is ebay because you can narrow it down by size. Google shopping would be good if you could do that. But I am still looking.

Anyway, are there sites that are selling off season winterwear right now that are worth looking into? I can only think of google shopping, amazon and ebay.

Both LL Bean and Land’s End have really impressed me w/ their end of season clearance, especially w/ the range of sizes they already have. Both are super simple for returns as well; I think you can return Land’s End to Sears, actually, they’re part of the same company.

Do you have a “when” recommendation for LL Beans? I was thinking that the outlet store might be good to hit at the end of this month or early next month. December had surprisingly slim pickings.

You can try http://www.onestopplus.com/ , they still have some coats for sale http://www.onestopplus.com/Plus-Size-Outerwear.aspx?DeptId=15797 .

Generally, if you wear a larger size, don’t wait for the clothing to go on sale. It might very well sell out before season’s end. Sales are to get rid of the inventory that didn’t sell during the normal selling season, so the more unpopular sizes are the ones that are left. Sometimes, if you have odd tastes, and the buyer had similar odd tastes, you’ll luck out and find something in your size AND that you like. But this isn’t guaranteed by any means.

If you want bricks and mortar, Burlington Coat Factory does have coats year round. Also awesome black lady church hats for reasonable prices, which is why I go there.

Sierra Trading Post has good service and a good selection of XXL coats and jackets.

I came in to suggest them. They are great for when you need a coat in, say, July. Never thought about church lady hats though. Maybe I should check them out.

Try your nearest thrift store. Many people wear a coat for one season and then give it to them. And many of the stores sell them for very cheap at the end of the season.

I came in to mention Sierra Trading Post, they rock

And hooker shoes! And zebra rugs and wooden giraffe sculptures and such.

Also, by the way, they have a MUCH larger selection of suits for boys than the department stores do. The department stores had exactly one suit (black) if you weren’t a man’s size yet - BCF has tons. Just in case you ever have to, say, take kids shopping for a funeral. Return policy is not generous, though.

ETA - that was in response to Faithfool, about the Burlington Coat Factory.

Another vote for Burlington. I am large and while their large-sized coats are available at a ratio of maybe 1:50 normal sized coats, that still means a large selection of large-sized coats.

Just make sure you try the coats on because there are a lot of different manufacturers and everyone has a different idea of what XXL is.

I’m sorry, I’ve never been in their stores; I shop them solely online.