Where Do You Live?

This is a private, anonymous poll to get an idea of The Dope’s general standard of living w/r/t the kinds of homes we live in. Given the vast differences in cost of living across the country, what may be considered “low-rent” in one part of the country is considered “perfectly average” in another part of the country; use your best judgment. If you live with your parents, please select the living situation that describes your parents’ home. If your living situation doesn’t match any of the options, please pick “Other.”

There is no poll… in order for it to be anonymous, there has to be a polling feature enabled.

Sounds like a fun poll… can’t wait to see it up!

Are we supposed to just type it in?

Hmm, clearly I did something wrong. I’ll ask a moderator to close this.


Closed at OP’s request.