Where do you live?

The poll on race has some people wondering why whites comprise about 80% of the SDMB. I suspect that it reflects where people live, so I’m starting a poll to ask about that. This is not about citizenship or place of birth: it’s about where you currently reside.

Born and raised in the US. I lived for a few months in Japan as a resident alien (or something); otherwise I’ve never lived anywhere else.

I’m hoping to see an Antarctica resident - then maybe we’ll see a “Ask the Antarctica Resident” thread. :slight_smile:

So far it’s running about 80% U.S. and 10% Canada, which is rather more North-America-centric than I expected, so I think we might have to wait a long time for Antarctica.

Depends on if penguins can type with their flippers…

That doesn’t surprise me at all.

ETA: I was thinking about doing a similar poll, but I was going to break up the U.S. into regions. Maybe I’ll just do a regions poll then.

This thread (US Dopers which US City are you closest too (out of the top 50)?) may be of some use to break down the expectedly very large poll results for “United States.”

There you go. There was also Where in the US do dopers live? So I won’t bother with a regional just now.

Voted already as in New Zealand but 20 odd years ago I did live in Antarctica for work. There aren’t really any Antarcticans as there are residents of other places though.