Where do you put your dirty dry cleaning?

Do you mix it in with the general population of your dirty laundry only to fish it out later?

Separate hamper?

Hung on special hangers?

Drapped over furniture, much like I do?

I used a laundry bag just for dry cleaning. I’d just toss it in the back of the closet til I needed to take it in.

The only “dry cleaning” I’ve ever owned I have thrown in the wash with other stuff. If it doesn’t survive, I take it as a sign.

I put in enough effort to find some really great shirts that that’s not an option for me. :slight_smile:

In theory

In reality. :slight_smile:

I have a separate hamper for dry cleaning. Also, my husband has uniforms that get laundered by his company. He has another hamper for those. Plus my triple hamper on wheels, so colors get separated as they are tossed in.

I’m nothing if not efficient.


We have so little that when an item needs to be dry cleaned, we put it by the front door so we can take it in right away. This happens maybe twice a year.

When I was working I had a fair bit of dry cleaning. We put it in a bag in the front hall.

Special bag provided by my cleaner. I leave it outside on my porch twice per week, and my clothes are returned within a few days. They bill my credit card directly.

You and me both. :slight_smile:

I thought that’s what exercise bikes and treadmills were for.

My lifestyle now only requires that I visit dry cleaners about once a quarter. If I’m going to take something to the cleaner’s I’ll hang it on a hook in my bedroom. When I had to look a little more posh I kept a separate laundry bag next to the hamper.

I have a couple of ruanas that need to be dry cleaned. Otherwise, if something needs to be dry cleaned, it doesn’t get purchased. It’s one of my requirements…I don’t buy dishes or pots and pans that need to be hand washed, either.

One of the ruanas was a gift, and considering that it’s lasted about 30 years so far, I’d say that dry cleaning it once a year, or as needed, is a good investment. But I wouldn’t want to dry clean something that needs to be cleaned after every wearing. I mean, if I was pulling down a great salary, maybe it would be worth it. But I generally don’t buy stuff that even needs to be washed on the delicate cycle.

Anyway, I have four cats. Garments need to be able to withstand some pretty vigorous loving from them.

I use this tote bag. Someone gave it to me as a gift, and since I didn’t really feel like carrying it around, it became the dry cleaning bag. The dry cleaner is a block away, so I carry the bag over there as needed.

At the dry cleaner’s, of course!

Eh, I drop off and pick up at the cleaners every week to ten days. Mostly hubby’s uniforms, and he hangs the dirties on a hook in our bathroom until I take them in. The cleaners are next to the nearest grocery store, and on the route to both kids’ schools, so it’s usually “Thursday means pick up daughter from choir practice, stop at the cleaners, and get some milk.” That’s my mnemonic.

Weeks when the girl doesn’t have practice, the cleaning either stays an extra week, or I make a last-minute mad dash before they close. Or Tony gets one more wear out of a shirt and blames wrinkles and stains on the dog. :smiley:

That’s a good idea. I have a couple of bags kind of like that, and I don’t use them for anything.

I have an old hotel laundry bag that I stuff it into until I get around to going to the dry cleaner’s shop.

Laundry bag.
While I go to the cleaners about every week or two, it’s rarely for dry cleaning. I wear dress shirts to work, and having the cleaners launder them means I don’t own an iron. :cool: Yes, I am a bachelor, why do you ask? :wink: