Where does "Tell Me You Love Me" take place?

I’m at a loss for the location of the new HBO series Tell Me You Love Me. There’s a few clues, but place names have never been mentioned in the show.

  1. The landscape consists entirely of deciduous vegetation; no palm trees, cactii, or any other vegetation found in parts of the US that have a tropical or Mediterranean climate.

  2. Most houses, places of business, bars and restaurants have a contemporary/modern feel, as if they were all designed by cutting-edge architectys, and furnished exclusively by high-end furniture store specializing in Scandinavian or design. or for those or more moderate means, Ikea.

  3. There are no black people. None. The city seems about as diverse as the northern suburbs of Johannesburg in Apartheid-era South Africa.

Given these clues, I was thinking Minneapolis or Portland. What say the Throbbing Brain?

According to the IMDb, the series is shot in Los Angeles and Winnipeg, Canada.