Where does the backsplash end?

Design people - need some help here.
New dark granite counters being installed into a small galley kitchen. Planning on a backsplash along the sink wall. Should it extend around to the ends of the counter, too, where it ends at the wall at both ends? And then, on the other wall, should we have it parallel construction? The other side has a counter divided by a range. Does it also get a backsplash around the end of the counter at the end where it runs against the wall? Ah, crap, I can’t even give you an idea of what we’re trying to do. Any ideas here?

It should cover anywhere you think you need to keep the wall dry. Ours follows our whole countertop, which covers about 2-1/2 walls from (and including) our stove to (and excluding) our fridge.

hmmm - aside from that obvious fact - which we’ve paid precious little attention to, unfortunately, is there a design element that we should be considering, too?

Hmm, it’s hard to visualize just from your description. A picture would help. But, as a rule of thumb, in a small space it’s best to try for unity and to avoid chopping up the space. So, judging from your description, I’d say extend the backsplash all the way and do the same on the opposite wall. If you’re still confused, visit your local library and browse through the kitchen design books.