Where does your ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ stop?

I was super into this series when it came out. I even read the novelization. (Not the Wells novel, although I’d read that, too.) Second season, they did a major direction change, killing off most of the cast, including all of the alien invaders, and replaced them with a different set of alien invaders. Also killed off my interest in the show, and apparently everyone else’s as well, as it never got a third season.

I read somewhere that Zack Snyder wanted Henry Cavill to shave his chest for the role of Superman. Henry refused citing Supes had chest hair as seen in the comic books.

I was under the impression that the Martian invasion was actually limited to a very small area and the movie was made as a kind of cover story. But its been more than 30 years since I’ve seen it so I might not remember correctly. I do remember that season 2 had some weird changes and I stopped watching.

How does that make ANY sense?

“Well, Billy, ah reckon Grover’s Mill is safe now, all the aliens packed up and went back home. I knew having them watch television shows would convince them they don’t want to rule us.”
“Uhhh, pa? Don’t look now, but there’s a bunch of totally different aliens landing.”
"Dagnabbit, not again…"

It’s not alone:

Mulder, the aliens just stopped wanted to invade. The threat is gone. No more Black Oil, no more alien bounty hunters, nothing. I guess watching reruns of Green Acres drove them off. And, the singular thing that drove you to the X-Files, the defining episode of your life, never happened. Your sister never got abducted.
But Scully, the same people we were struggling against, the same nefarious actors hiding in our institutions of government, who spent the last 50 years working to bring about an alien apocalypse, have all decided to pretend that never happened, and are now secretly working on “super soldiers ™” instead.
Why Mulder? To what end?
Another three seasons I suppose.

See all Doctor Who after 2006 or so. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud Whovian, but there’s only so many times people can just forget massive alien invasions. I know at one point the Battle of Canary Wharf was wiped from the timeline (though it was restored…I think), but there’s been far to much handwaving over humankind no longer believing in alien beings despite invasion after invasion.

As the Brigadier once put it, “Just once, I wish we’d get an alien invader that isn’t immune to bullets.”

Why yes, my Doctor is Tom Baker.

The aliens from the first season were killed off by the new aliens in the second season. I think it was some sort of, “The home world is tired of your failures,” sort of thing, except the new aliens had different powers than the original set, which changed the dynamics of the show.

(I’m going off the wikipedia entry here. I only remember three things about the show: aliens being stored in toxic waste barrels, the main character had a self-hypnosis trick that gave him perfect recall, and the computer guy in a wheelchair also was an expert bo staff fighter.)

Having been a proud Whovian since the days of Tom Baker, my WSoD has gotten quite a work-out. Forgetting things like, robotic Yetis in the London Underground, having to evacuate London because dinosaurs were randomly appearing, and having the Loch Ness Monster pop out of the Thames, the British must be the singularly most uninvolved people on the face of the Earth. It’s a hallmark of this trait that Douglas Adams immortalized as The Somebody-Else’s-Problem Field.

I assume that all of this is happening in a parallel universe. We’ve been binging the “new” Doctor (2005 on), and there’s a few places where prior invasions / events are remembered.

There’s always the standard government cover story “terrorists released a cloud of hallucinogenic gas”.

Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I’m waiting for Jim Butcher to expound on how the Masquerade - TV Tropes breaks down after the events in his Dresden Files story “Battle Ground” where a supernatural entity trashed large areas of Chicago, killing thousands

“Oh, sod it, another monster in the Thames, they’ll probably close Waterloo Bridge again… Well, better ring up the missus and tell her I’ll be late. So, fancy a pint? I know a good pub well away from the river…”

There was a bit in one of the Dr. Who Christmas Specials, where they show up in present day London on Christmas Eve, only to find the streets deserted. They ask someone what’s up, and the guy tells them, “Well, alien stuff always happens on Christmas, so everyone’s staying home to be safe.”