Where everyone knows your name...

What do you imagine it would be like if everyone around, everywhere you went, all wore “Hello, my name is…” stickers with their real full name on them?

I think it would be cool.

I think we’d all be a hell of a lot more polite to strangers.

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I think that instead of people shouting obscenities, they’d shout personalized obscenities.

Yes, no longer would you hear, “You stupid jerk, get off the freakin’ road!” You wouldn’t then hear the reply, “Hey, I’m walkin’ here! I’ll kick your ass!”
No, instead you’d hear, “Gary, you stupid jerk, get off the freakin’ road!” With a reply, “I’m walkin’ here! I’ll kick your ass, Stuart!”

Wait, did you say their real full name? That’d be even better; everybody would drive around with phone books.
“Hey, Christopher Andrew MacNeil! Better watch your back when you get home tonight!”

I’d be scared. I get freakd out enoguh as it is when someone reads my nametag at work and personalizes their comments to me. “Have a good night Pamela!” My first thought is ‘how does this person know my name?’, and my second thought is ‘who the hell calls me Pamela?’ My name was shortened to Pam when I hit the 6th grade, and only my nametag still bears my birthgiven name. Even my bosses know better than to call me Pamela.

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First, it was simply the name tags everywhere. And then, they brought in the microchips …

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To hell with your real names, what if you wore your cyber names around town? Allright for the cool dudes and dudettes on this here board – but what about those binary people, huh?