Where has "Morning" Joe Scarborough been?

Joe Scarborough has been frequently absent from his morning news and talk show. Why?

Web searches turn up many references to absence in the summer of 08 when his wife delivered a severely premature baby, but I haven’t found anything about now, January '09.

I did see some comment posted on his MySpace page (think that’s where it was anyway) about his father’s illness - maybe that’s it.

Anyone know? Just curious.

I think you answered your own question.

Since this is a question about a media personality, I am moving it to CS.

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Yeah, his dad’s sick–he should be back on-air next week.

To make this a bit more CS-y, Daniel Radcliffe apparently likes him.

MJ is my favorite on the MSNBC lineup, then Hardball. I get home from work, watch Joe & a bit of the Newsbabes till Noon, then when I wake up sometimes catch the end of Hardball, and then go somewhere else.

Btw- my co-workers and I have a debate: Erin Burnett or Courtney Hazlitt?

Erin is a doll, of course, but my heart belongs to Frank’s granddaughter Courtney.

And who the hell is Frank?

Btw, Courtney’s last name is HAZLETT.

The first week that Joe was out, they referred to him as being “on assignment.” Last week they began talking about his sick father.

Another time he was out for several weeks and they just didn’t talk about his absence that I heard mentioned. Frankly, I wondered if Joe had problems with a compulsion to interrupt – especially NB – and to speak louder and more frequently until absolutely no one could be understood or heard at all but him. It seems to come in cycles.

Recently he also got very adamant about his views on the prisoners held at Guantanamo. If I remember correctly, he defended the use of water-boarding and other interrogation techniques and those who determined that it was necessary to use them. It was as if no one else present, including the guest, was to be allowed any dignity if she or he spoke in opposition to his views.

I am posting all of my opinions on the subject because I have been wondering if he has mental health issues from time to time and that has caused some of his absences.

I like the show a lot when I can hear what is being said.