Where have all the Phadreus' gone?

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear…

Back when I first started lurking, and eventually signed up to this board, there were some very… interesting … posters. Well, to be honest, there were a fair amount of loons. Posters like Phadreus, Bjorn, FORMERAGENT, ARG220, and Wildest Bill. Each of these posters now reside in the Pantheon of Idiocy of the SDMB. These posters, and many like them, set a high standard for sheer stupidity, and troll-like behavior. They had verve. They had elan. They had a certain Je ne sais quoi. Do not misunderstand me, I do not miss them. This board is much better off without them, despite the hilarity at their expense. But they definitely made their mark. Loudly and in your face.

Now, with my 5 year anniversary of my registration approaching, I look out at the board and I still find a number of stupid, trollish posters. But these modern ones are of a new breed. They go about their business much more quietly. They revel in their ignorance, for certain, but they have learned to hide their motives and move in the nooks and crannies of the board. They will post in more than one forum, on more than one topic, to avoid being an obvious one trick pony. They invent outrageous, unverifiable stories about their lives, and go on to play the part. They attempt to hide their vile hatred by claiming simple misunderstanding. They create elaborate scenarios to avoid condemnation. They do not come right out and speak their mind, but hide their hatred or trolling in subtle ways.

These kinds of posters do not have grand, bizarre meltdowns that can be read for the sheer entertainment value. They do not make their trolling obvious for all to see. They do not draw huge amounts of attention to themselves. They just go about each day, posting more and more idiotic things, annoying the hell out of myself and other posters, and slowly sucking the life out of this place.

The effect these modern posters have is much more insidious and painful. Rather than providing some level of bizarre, car-wreck type entertainment, they simply make the board a less interesting, less fun place to be. Much as the partisan shriekers on both sides make it nigh but impossible to enjoy intellectual debate, these posters invade and infect, slowly rotting away at the beauty and fun of this uniquely enjoyable board.

I feel for the moderators who have to deal with these idiots, because it is much more difficult to ban someone who attempts to hide their true motives and their animosity. Theirs is not an easy job.

So I call out to all you modern small timers. Step up to the plate! Make yourself known! For isn’t it much better to flame out than fade away? And ask yourselves, What Would FORMERAGENT do?

Do your part. When you see a guest who has potential, pay for 'em! I suspect they don’t have credit cards. I have in mind the guy who thought dolphins lived on Saturn or something, and that we were invading Iraq as a favor to McDonald’s or something (johnny-something?). I almost shelled out for his membership. I wish I had, and next time someone like him comes along, I will.

Well, nice try, but unfortunately the crew you describe is a bit too wiley to fall for your trap.

Anyway, having to pay for the privilege of being a public nuisance, for a week or two before the inevitable banning, seems to have cleared the room of the most egregious cul-chapeaus.

You fail to mention my all-time favorite, the only one that I had an active role in pushing to the brink of meltdown: Beryl_Mooncalf.

Two dollars… I want my two dollars…

Now Bricker, you push many of us to the brink of meltdown.

Huh? Chubacabras? What?

You mean you don’t have that $10,000 socked away somewhere?

Yes, but none so spectacularly as the six page Beryl_Mooncalf thread. It’s a thing of beauty.

Maybe, but I don’t think that’s the reason. The 12 months before pay-to-post didn’t see many of those characters, either.

I just think the mods are more likely to put the hammer down on obvious trolls these days. Not that they were being “too soft” in the old days–the board was new then, and none of us really knew how to “behave” or how to react to, well, kooks.

If given a choice, I would prefer the “old style” trolls too. Who can’t see the juvenile-humor value of a guy who claims to have a SUPER-SECRET keyboard that only types in all caps, or someone who claims the moon landing photos were faked because of “tiny anomalies?” Nowadays your average troll just grinds on with a variation of “Bush suxxxxs” or “Liberal hippies need to die already.” We can hear that on talk radio, thanks.

ah, the turn of the Century. I still fondly recall that Flat Earth thread…

Well there was Justhink, Lolo and KayKay; but few other could qualify for the SDMB One-Trick-Pony Chowder and Marching Society.

And what about that whole sordid RosieWolf/Idnew/Little Potato debacle?

Ah, good times!


Here I thought this was going to be a discussion of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance.

What, no mention of Jack Dean Tyler and the recent Anti-JDT? Or Mark Serlin’s psychological experiments and poofy-hair fetish? C’mon, that’s some good crazy there.


They know where you are! Quick, get out of the building!

I wonder if the OP would be so kind as to actually name some of these suspected trolls he’s talking about. I haven’t seen them and have no idea what he’s referring to. I would also remind him that if he really suspects a poster is a troll he may use the “Report to moderator” function. Otherwise he needs to shut the fuck up. Implying that there are specific “hatimg” trolls on the board without coming out and naming the is rather a chickenshit move and waste of bandwidth.

Let’s see, you want me to name some of these suspected trolls here, but, in the very next breath, you tell me the rules say I shouldn’t. Pure genius, there Dio. But don’t worry, this thread isn’t about you. While you may have all the credentials for a pantheon of Idiocy, I wouldn’t certainly wouldn’t call you a troll. Partisan hack? Sure. Poor debater. Sure. But, in my humble opinion, you’re not a troll. Does that cheer you up some?

You’re so cute when you’re wound up.

Asshat. Sorry, I was being a pretentious git again.

Oh, and Diogenes, I know it feels good to be able to tell people to “shut the fuck up” here (hell, I’ve done it myself, just in the past week), but the sad fact is, no one ever does.

I’m probably the only one, but I miss chas_e