Where have all the Phadreus' gone?

Actually, yes. I confess that based on one or two of your other posts I thought you might be making an elliptical allusion to yours truly so I probably took it more personally than I should have. I was being paranoid. My apologies. I must have a hole in my tinfoil…ah yes, there it is…all better now. The bad thoughts are gone… :wink:

I was always kinda proud of my role in outing Uekte / Cleverman / can’t remember his other “supervillain” aliases. Didn’t he claim to have more “identities” that he hadn’t “exposed” yet? I wonder if he paid to register them…

Wasn’t Uekte also King Nifty for a while?

Unless you channel your considerable passion to: grand paranoid conspiracies involving the FBI, male circumcision, hatred of minorities, or proving that Gaudere and andros (IIRC) are the same person, you’ll never make it with the big boys of the past. I would suggest that you fabricate an entire traumatic episode of your life, report about it in Great Debates using broken English or all CAPS, offer $10,000 to anybody who can prove you wrong, and then have a huge meltdown in the Pit. Then, you’d be on to infamy.

You know, it’s funny. By the time I registered, Wildest Bill was the only one left. That must’ve been an eventful year.

Let’s see, who else? There was Sea Sorbust, who was obsessed with asteroid defense and based his theology on algebra. And then there was that guy with the Engelbert Humperdink fetish…what was his name?

Her name. deeward

That was a case of a quick flameout. A 30 day guest period would have been enough for her.

Yep. That’s one I had forgotten about.

And as long as we’re here, let’s not forget justhink, who we all decided was a random text-generating bot.

It’s truly regrettable that Manny never got his Phaedy-bucks! :slight_smile:

But are you all forgetting the inimitable FriendOfGod?

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IIRC, Justhink was outed as being capable of rational though (based on other on-line writings) and that was what lead to his banning. Searched for the thread, but have not had luck.

Just for the record, it was Phaedrus (not Phadreus), as in the Platonic dialog with Socrates. He was my favorite of the bunch.

He was? Not that I ever saw.

He was just plain odd.

Good times, good times.


There’s still some pretty high-grade crazy around. Rex Fenestrarum’s totally bizarre meltdown in an otherwise innocous GQ thread about permutations of lottery numbers springs to mind. Zagadka’s current fetish for sock puppets recalls King Nifty. Crandolph and New Iskander are laying the groundwork for nominations to th One-trick Pony and Chowder Society. It isn’t as high-test as the crazy we used to see, granted, but it’s still pretty amusing.

Yeah, I am almost 100% sure that this is the case. Perhaps a wandering Mod or someone else that remembers this can back me up. Wonder if that was one of the threads that was lost during our Winter of Missed Content ™.

As I’ve said many times, I miss the Wildest one. A lot. Let’s not forget the immortal IDBB, who changed her name at some point.

I’d just like to add a couple of my fav’s: Hiryuu, whom I’m convinced was actually new-age charlatan Dan Winter, and that moon landing hoax nutter. Can’t even remember his name. Here’s the scary part, I don’t think these guys ever got banned.

seethruart. May have had more caps.


Only tree-fiddy.

I missed that one. His fly-off-the-handle, bizarre goodbye post, while no Freaky Feeley, certainly rates at least a 5 on the crazy meter. His overreliance on the tired cliche of being an oppressed conservative on a liberal board docks him a few points, though. A good read though, thanks.

I think Crandolph just got off on the wrong foot after getting up on the wrong side of the bed. But my OP was, in a very small part, referencing New Iskander. He’s more the newer type of poster: an easily-dismissed, drooling idiot, who just clogs up the boards with his tripe without offering any of the good bizarreness from the good old days. Or maybe I’m just getting older and more hard to please, but I’d like to see a bit more entertainment from the idiot crowd.

My goodness…

I’ve just read the entire Beryl_Mooncalf thread linked about. Although I’ve been lurking since easily 2001, I somehow missed that one entirely. Thats…thats…
Incoherent just doesn’t seem roubust enough of a term for that.

Wow. :eek:
How did y’all survive that?