Where have all the robots gone?

Last year seemed to be a big year for robot wars on TV. You pretty much couldn’t turn on the tube without seeing some jury-rigged stainless steel box whacking another one with a pneumatic axe. At the peak, I think there were three different shows, all with pretty much the same format. Plus other shows aimed at the tinkerer at heart, e.g. Full Metal Challenge, Junkyard Wars, and so on.

This year…nothing but Trading Spaces and various clones. Unless you count Monster House which is just Trading Spaces with a touch of Junkyard Wars thrown in.

So where did all the robots go? Were the shows too expensive? Did they oversaturate the market and bomb in the ratings? I’d think that there’d be at least one show remaining.

They’re all dead. Killed themselves off. A metaphor for our kind.

I think interest died down alot when people begun to realize that the most succesfull type of battle robot was also the most boring. I believe it was called a “wedge” and was basically just a ramp that would try to get under the other robot to flip it over.

Long time passing.

&#9835Long time passing…&#9835

Dammit, took so long coding that, Captain Amazing beat me to the joke! Well, I’m posting it anyway.


“Robot Wars” is or at least was on Tech TV (British show hosted by Craig “Lister” Charles). The one that dominated was a flipper 'bot (NOT a simple wedge) that managed to flip two of its competitors out of the arena (and managed to flip a house robot) (!)

I miss “Operation Junkyard” which was akids version of Junkyard wars that showed sat mornings on NBC last season.


Addendum: A common TV situatuion
1)Station A comes up with a cool idea which meets sucess
2)Stations B-Z copy said idea, usually poorly
3)Public gets sick of idea (which they wouldn’t have if only station a had it)
4) rations drop so stations A-Z drop idea


When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Yeah, what is the deal with this show? It seems like what they do every episode is take a bland, boring, average home and turn it into a total piece of shit.

I’ve been busy. What’d I miss?

I miss Tom and Crow.

And Gypsy.


Nobody ever misses Cambot. Poor Cambot, the robot nobody loves.

I miss nanites. Oh wait no, there they are.

Doesn’t anyone miss Twiki?

I miss the original Cylons. Yup, the old “heads like toaters” model. :slight_smile:

The robots have all boarded their Great Space Armada and blasted off to scour the stars for the race which attacked Earth. Little do they know that the almost legendary Last War, during which Man became extinct, was not the result of alien treachery…

Yeah, can someone fill me in on why Cylons now look like slinky blonde bimbos in spaghetti-strap hooker dresses?

I’m probably never gonna get around to watching the show, but I’m damn curious about that one aspect of it.

So long, and thanks for all the wing-nuts.

Bah forget Cambot, I miss the “Voice”. Apparently the later seasons didn’t though.

Yoshimi took care of the robot threat. Doesn’t anyone else keep up with current events?