Where have I heard this before?

Ever get the feeling you’ve heard a song somewhere, but can’t place it?

Over the weekend, I’ve been catching the BritCom Snuff Box on Netflix (definitely not to everyone’s taste). I swear that I heard the theme song somewhere before.

Here it is..

Wikipedia says it was written and performed by one of the actors. It appears to have been used in Dredd, but I never saw that.

Any ideas?

And do you have any songs that you know you’ve heard somewhere but can’t quite place.

Hey, Matt Berry is the idiotically funny boss from “The IT Crowd”! Awesome!

I don’t think I’ve heard the song before, but I like it.

The song I’m having a hard time placing right now is the song from the latest Nissan Versa commercial - not the “What You Love” song, the one with some Oh, yeah yeah’s in it.