Music ID help needed

Sadly, the only good info I can give is that I’ve heard it in two different commercials, one old and one new. The old one was a Dennis Miller Live spot that spoofed a Volkswagen ad, so the same music may have been in the VW ad, too. The new one is the TV trailer for The Bourne Identity*.

It’s a very spacey-sounding piece with what sounds like a woman’s voice saying “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” over and over with heavy reverb.

Sorry I can’t give a better description. Thanks in advance.

Sorry, don’t know the song, but The Bourne Identity soundtrack will be released on June 11. Hopefully the song will be on it.

The track is Absurd by Fluke.

Yes. Yes it is.

Thanks, Hodge!

No problem! Back when that Volkswagen Beetle commercial was current, I went digging through several usenet groups trying to find this same song. It was definitely worth the effort. Fluke is a great techno band that deserves more recognition.