Where in my system do burps come from?

I ask because I’ve been burping hot dog for a surprisingly long time, at least nine hours since I actually ate one. I’d think that the hot dog would be pretty far along on its journey through my small intestine by now - do burps really rise up from that far down in the digestive tract? Or is hot dog flavored air hanging around in my stomach for hours after the frank itself has departed? I feel fine, and have noticed this general phenomenon before without having any particular digestive issues, so I don’t think that it’s because I’m having some sort of GI upset or stomach emptying problems.

There are certain things that move from the bloodstream into the lungs can cause nasty breath, garlic is one of them … so I dont see why the flavorings in hot dogs couldnt also.

Also I am tired of farting … postop I farted because of the gas they pumped me up with but sweet jebus that was more than 3 weeks ago, Id like to stop scaring the cat out from under the blankets…:smack:

IANAD, but I believe the stomach still has air in it long after the food has departed. If there were no air in it, it would be come some vacuum packed shriveled up acid pouch. I mean, I know it contracts after a filling meal, but there should still be some air left in there.