Where in the US do dopers live?

Where do you live? Here’s a list of the biggest 20 US cities. Which one is you. If you live reasonably close to a metroplex, vote for that that one (eg if you live in Daly City, vote for San Francisco)

I live 50 miles from Nashville. So far out that it’s 10 miles to the nearest grocery store, and cable doesn’t come out this far.


Henderson, NV is #71 on that list and Las Vegas is #28, but if you took the population of the Las Vegas Valley, we have something like 2 million people living here now. Most people don’t know that the actual city of Las Vegas is very small (only 131 sq. miles).

Either way, you’re out in the wiki sticks :dubious: :smiley:

Really flawed poll. I can only speak to your choice of the Ohio city, Columbus.

Columbus is indeed the 16th largest city in the US today, measuring only the population of the city proper. But, in terms of a metropolitan aread, it’s about 2/3 the size of the Cleveland Metropolitan area. This would probably be a better choice of samples, rather than cities.

I live in Akron, and would have picked the Cleveland Metro area.

I’m sticky.

I live close to Gettysburg, PA.

I literally live in Chicago.

Oh heck, just pick the closest city. I’ve travelled a long ways for board meets; this might give folks a chance to see just how many folks are actually close enough for such a thing.

Megalopolis’s not represented so far:

Las Vegas

The closest largish city is Boise, which is not very big at all. But it’s 150 or so miles away. So I’m in the sticks.

Expensive sticks (ski resort town), but sticks. Pretty mountainy ones.

About 3 1/2 hrs south of San Antonio. Through the scary Wild Horse Desert–nothing but mesquite, live oak, and unspoken secrets. Make sure you bring water and kolaches. Nothing to be concerned with driving south, but if heading north–be aware of the Falfurrias and Sarita checkpoints. "Nuff said.

I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area (AKA the Twin Cities). I’m assuming it’s not on here since neither Minneapolis or St. Paul are extremely huge. However, together with their many suburbs, they are the 16th largest metropolitan area in the US. Not New York or Chicago, but big enough for Major League Baseball, so I’d hardly call it “the sticks”. Especially since I used to live in Montana. And our town was big enough for a grocery store and a high school, so some people out there wouldn’t have even called that the true “sticks”!

Megalopolis’s not represented so far:

Las Vegas
Minneapolis/St. Paul

Los Angeles isn’t represented.

Since I haven’t lived there in more than six years, I can’t vote for it.

Central Valley in California, equidistance between Sacramento(37) and Fresno(36), 10 miles south of Modesto(101).

I don’t live in the sticks, but I don’t live anywhere near one of those cities. I’m about an hour from Pittsburgh. I picked “What about the rest of the world”.

Memphis is the closest one up there, and it’s not even in the right state. I guess I’ll go with living in the boonies, but I usually consider that living an hour or more away from basic stuff like groceries and restaurants. I’m just a few minutes away from town.

Guess I’m another hillbilly livin’ in the sticks here in Cleveland… boy, I wish we had all the amenities of civilization, like terlets, roads, and such. I’m sicking of eating all these dead skunks I find lying around, wish I could just go to a grocery store like the civilized people in Columbus.

Heh. Closest city on the list to me is Chicago, at 394 miles. I could pick it, but I’m not sure that really gets you what you want, since I’m not going to pop in for a Dopefest.

If you’d gone with the top 30 I could have played along.