US Dopers which US City are you closest too (out of the top 50)?

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Poll to follow…so please be patient. It takes time to type in 50 poll options.

I am about 120 miles from both Nashville and Atlanta, but am slightly closer to the latter.

San Diego.

I’d note that this is cities defined by their local government boundaries, and not metropolitan areas. That’s why Virginia Beach is on the list (it’s the largest city in Virginia, surprisingly), and why Cincinnati is not (Cincinnati is the largest metro area with its centre in Ohio, but the city proper is smaller than Cleveland or Columbus).

FYI, Kansas City, Kansas is not in the top 50. Or in the top 150. It’s currently 168. You’re thinking of Kansas City, Missouri, currently ranked at 37.

And to answer the OP, I’m within the city limits of Chicago, IL.

Top 50 in what?

L.A. btw.

Yep you’re right. The wiki page for top 50 cities in the USwrongly attributes KS for both Kansas City’s.

According to Google Maps it’s almost exactly the same distance from Springfield, IL to Chicago as it is from Springfield to Indianapolis.

I chose Chicago because I’ve been there more often. And it’s in the same state. :cool:

See my post #4: it seems to be the cities with the largest population within their local government boundaries.

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Columbus, here. But it’s a couple of hours drive to either that or Cleveland. And about an hour further to Pittsburgh.

That Wiki page has now been corrected.

Chicago. I work in the city, and live less than 5 miles away from the city limits.


If only you were a mod and could correct the poll now.:wink:

This measure makes no sense for the United States.

I’m currently about 45 miles north of San Francisco.

You have the same problem for most countries, and both kinds of “cities” make sense for some purposes. One problem is when metro areas cross international borders: does it makes sense to say that the San Diego metro area includes the Tijuana metro area (or vice versa?). Another is when metro areas merge as they spread, so that (for example) Baltimore MD and Washington DC are part of the same metro area, which also has a large part in northern Virginia – some of which (e.g., Arlington County VA) is not incorporated as a city.

I salute your poll-writing patience!

Virginia Beach is legally huge. The city limits go all the way from the Chesapeake Bay to the NC state line.