Where in the US Would I Most Likely Find a Gypsy* Community?

Inasmuch as one is most likely to find Mormons in Utah and other Western states, or Lutherans in Wisconsin & Minnesota, is there a part of the US where Gypsy communities are most likely to be found (moreso than any other place, anyway)?

NOTE: I know that “Gypsy” may or may not be offensive, depending on the hearer. However, I don’t know of a better word that encompasses all such communities, so work with me please.

You might check this website (or email the site owner):

Already did, actually. Thanks for the help, though.

Do you mean “Gypsy” as in the ethnic group Romani? Or as a generic term for any group leading a transitory lifestyle (like the Irish Travellers)? For that matter, do the two types of “Gypsy” intermingle much and can outsiders tell them apart?

Murphy Village, South Carolina for Travellers.

As a generic term for transitory communities.

alot of them have been going to canada

my 2nd choice would be, the northern part of the country, IMO

In the 1980s, there was a neighborhood in Des Moines that had a lot of them. IDK if that’s still the case.

Sure. One group tans a lot worse.

Spokane, Washington had a strong community. I’m not sure what has become of it after the police raids, curses, and lawsuits during the last 20 years.

As long as we’re on the subject, can anyone explain the difference between the Romani and the Sinti?

Burning Man?

Not really, both groups come in a wide variety of skin tones.

I thought of Burning Man as well, but it’s temporary in nature. I think you want something a little more permanent…like…


Roma “Gypsy” checking in. Roma and Travelers sometimes cross paths and sometimes the attitude of the enemy of my enemy is my friend applies. Outsiders who know our or their customs, language, and culture can tell the various groups apart.

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Does teenagers living in their parent’s basement count?


Yes, I know, thus Bulgarian and Irish authorities harassing Roma families because their kids were blond(e). A DNA test later, and oops! But would you say the average phenotype is identical?

Somewhat off topic, but ZPG Zealot is there any chance you can do an “Ask the Roma” thread? We talk about Roma quite a bit in GQ, but it would be way better to get an insider’s perspective.