Where in the world...

Ok, just where (exactly) is “Timbuktu” (sp?) located?

  • Jinx


It’s in Mali

The word “Timbuktu” (or Timbuctoo or Tombouctou) is used in several languages to represent a far-away place but Timbuktu is an actual city in the African country of Mali.

Located near the edge the Niger River during the rainy season (but about 8 miles from the river during much of the year), Timbuktu was founded by nomads in the twelfth century and it rapidly became a major trading depot for the caravans of the Sahara Desert.

go here for a map and other info http://geography.about.com/library/weekly/aa101300a.htm?iam=dpile&terms=Timbuktu

Now, the question is, where is Timbuk3? :slight_smile:


is Carmen Sandiego?

So how did this all come about???