Where is Mexico headed?

How will Mexico look 50-100 years from now? Will they be our economic peer? Will Americans one day be the ones sneaking across the border? Or will it pretty much be the same fun place to hang out and party, but you wouldn’t want to live there?
Do they control their own destiny, or will they have to depend on outside influences?

I have faith in the Mexicans, but I think a lot of it will depend on how bad things get (or not) north of the border.

Mexico has to some how deal with its utterly corrupt and ineffectual police force. I’ve been around the world, and i’m hesitant to drive to Rosarito due to the risk of fake police arrests. It’s a lawless country and it’s damn sad because it has oodles of great culture, food and workforce capabilities. Even veteran Baja 1000 drivers have had their cars stolen at gunpoint by fake police. I mourn the time when all you had to worry about was a $30 “speeding” ticket by the Federales.