Where is my phone?! (and to a lesser extent, my cigarettes?)

I have somehow managed to lose my 2nd iPhone in two years. I have never lost any other kind of phone.

Backstory: Last night, my roommate and I walked to a sushi place downtown. I had my phone then, and I’m (fairly) certain I left the restaurant with it, because I was downloading an app. When we left, I lit up a cigarette. Walked back home, with my cigarettes, lighter and phone in my messenger bag.

Get home, browse guyswithiphones.com and think “Hey, where is my phone?”

My cigarettes, lighter, and phone are all missing. We didn’t go anywhere between the restaurant and house, but we still retraced our route back to check the ground and asked the waitress at the very non-busy restaurant about it, even though I surely would have noticed dropping my phone, cigarettes, and lighter on the ground. And when I got home, I didn’t go anywhere but the chair to get on my laptop.

Calling the phone last night sometimes yielded the voice mail instantaneously, and sometimes would ring several times and then disconnect without going to voice mail.

My mother apparently got a call from my phone at about 10:30 (this was after I had left to go to the bf’s for the night) and all she heard were voice(s) and crickets. Then my sister got a non-sensical text message this afternoon during 3rd period. We had a theory that we were able to prove, that the iPhone recognizes touch input through a thin layer of fabric, in case we are somehow sitting on it.

Now it just goes straight to voicemail every time I call, and I assume the battery is dead. Am I wasting my time continuing to look for it? (And where did my cigarettes go?)

I can’t answer this until I know whether you also misplaced your messenger bag.

Lol, no - and I didn’t misplace the several decks of Magic: The Gathering that were in there, or the couple of theme park tickets that I picked up this week, or my wallet or keys.

They have an app for that. :smiley:

They do have an app for that, but I didn’t download it. Who would have thought that I would have lost one TWICE?! :smack:

It’s under the cushions of your car seat.

Go ahead and look. I’ll wait.

Nope - we walked there and back. :confused:

In the fridge/freezer or pantry, or potentially next to the cat food, if applicable? On the bookcase next to the door, but under something that fell over, or in the pocket of the other coat.

That’s where I usually find my missing things.

Are you sure it wasn’t stolen out of your bag somehow? Did you leave the top open after you lit your cigarette?

Do you keep all those things together in the same pocket, or in separate places? In the inside of the message bag or an exterior pocket of it?