Where is OJ's White Bronco now?

Whatever happened to his White Ford Bronco that was made so famous during the chase? Did he keep it? Did someone buy it?

The Bronco belonged to Al Cowlings, not OJ, and Cowlings was driving it during the famous chase. OJ was in the back. Cowlings sold it to a friend for $75,000.

I knew a guy who bought a white bronco with a blue strip on it.

It had been Paula Barbearies (sp?). One of OJ’s post unpleasant times girlfriend/models.

I always wondered if he just gave her one of his old ones.

I seem to remember that OJ did have a white Bronco. (As did his friend) OJ’s Bronco belonged to Hertz, the rental company who gave the use of it to him as he was their spokesman at the time. I’d bet they took it back and sold it just like they do all their rental cars.

Yes, OJs white Bronco was found parked at an angle on the street in front of his house the day after the murder.