Where is the best weather in the world?

For the purposes of this thread let’s define best weather as: little or no rain, never or rarely too hot (over 80 degrees), never or rarely too cold (under 50 degrees).

mexico city has great weather, but the horrid pollution problem kinda balances it out.

Guadalajara has wonderful weather without Mexico City’s pollution problems.


Most countries within the band around the planet called the tropics have the ‘best’ weather, because it normally rains at night, and sunny during the day, and are locations filled with life, both flora and fauna. They often have very clean clear seas, too.

Litte or no rain is a bad thing, it causes deserts, which may make pleasant weather at times, but rather barren unpleasant landscapes.

Redwood City, CA makes such a claim. Having lived there for a few years, I can’t say I would argue. Cool and sunny year round.


That page mentions that The Canary Islands and Mediterranean North Africa are similar.

Before a mod comes by and kicks this over to IMHO, let me say that San Francisco’s weather is pretty much as described here.

      • The Places Rated books (that review US locales for numerous different attributes) usually rates somewhere like Salinas CA as having the best weather; little real rain, summer average temp=74 degrees, winter average temp=68 degrees. Very light clouds every morning, clearing by noon. Average home price was like $800,000 as of a few years ago, IIRC…

  • And San Francisco rated pretty high too on weather I remember, but living there certainly isn’t cheap either…

There’s a place in Central or South America…Damn…I wish I could remember the name. It is known as the place with perfect climate. I’ll have to dig around.

Southwest Florida has terrific weather during the winter months, from about October to April with little or no rain. But apparently many people know this because the traffic gets awful. It rarely gets below 50, and you can go to the beach in March.

The best weather in the world right now is here in the UK. Lovely spring day. clear skies, 25 C. Ok so for the other 51 weeks of the year it is grey and miserable…

San Diego fits all of those conditions, as long as you stay close to the coast.