Where is the biggest concentration of idiots on the internet?



I look at them quite often, whenever I begin to feel a glimmer of optimism about the future of civilisation. It cures me pretty damn quick, I find.

It’s not in the same class as Youtube, but I find Craigslist’s Rants and Raves pretty idiotic. It lacks the jawdropping avatar stupidity and font diarrhea of 4chan, but the stupidity level is way up there. It’s a wonder that anybody can ever plow through that crapfest and find postings worthy of Best of Craigslist.

I’ll concur re: MMORPG forums.

The official WoW forums are a vast wasteland of crycry and “WTF I PWND U BIACH”

If you’re looking for some semblance of reason there, you might want to pack a lunch.

When I’m bored, I go through the adult (read: sexy) section of craigslist, reading about the freaky weird things people advertise for. And then wonder about the types of people advertising and the types of ppl responding.

Though not quite at the same level as Youtube, the GameFAQs forums are definitely top 10 for this list.


I think CalMeacham got there first.

I’ll second that. The R n R section for my area (St. Louis) is generally a bunch of racist, sexist nonsensical claptrap devoid of good spelling, proper grammar or (I imagine) decent personal hygiene. The racist remarks can get out of hand as well as the forth-and-back from pro- and anti-military types.

For me it’s the opposite. Civilization has endured for 6000-some years, despite all the stupid people. I look at YouTube comments and swell with pride that civilization is so robust to such stupidity.

I think www.liveleak.com is worse than Youtube in filth if not in grammar. It might not be safe for work, it has videos of war and accidents. There’ll be police videos, and then a bunch of comments about the “pigs” or how the police should have beaten the suspect to death. Every war video has a bunch of racist filth, and debate about the war. They’ll take anything and debate it; someone will post a 15-second clip of a soldier giving an Iraqi kid a candy bar, and people will say it shows how great we are and how we’re helping the people.

I agree it’s a nasty place, but at least most of them can spell.

If you want to see the height of total idiocy, check out the IMDB message board for Three Men and a Baby. Virtually every thread goes something like this:

Dipshit #1: If it’s not a ghost, then how come I saw his eyes following me when I watched the scene?
Poster #2: Let me explain it to you for the 10 billionth time. It’s not a ghost. It’s a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson placed by the window. The apartment he’s haunting isn’t real. That scene was shot on a soundstage in Toronto. Why is this so hard for you to understand?
Dipshit #1: I know what I saw!

Try reading any of the forums attached to stories on AOL.com news. Particularly those even the slightest political. Oh my.

Yebbut… for the past 5,990-some years, said stupid people haven’t been able to “Broadcast Themselves” to millions of people quite so easily.

So, who wants to steal that for a sigline?

Youtube is bad, IMDB is hilariously bad, the Gamefaqs boards are pretty awful, but nothing can touch 4chan. To echo what others said, it’s like some sort of weird morlock land of the internet, just a complete mental asylum of stupidity. I don’t even understand why anyone uses it, and I can’t comprehend the majority of it; it’s like internet stupidity turned into Finnegan’s Wake.

Another vote for youtube. I don’t understand how people can be so stupid. I recently saw a comment on a Queen video that said “OMG that guy looks SO GAY. Y DOES HE LOOK SO GAY?”

There are so many problems (I count five at first blush) with that comment, and it’s only 12 words long. Where do you start?

Damn I was coming in here to post…AOL?

Guess I shouldn’t someone might report me :stuck_out_tongue:

discreet cough, looks up to top of the page

(I’m kidding, I’m kidding, my answer’s 4chan, please don’t hurt me…)

A year ago I would’ve said myspace, but you’re dead on with youtube. Maybe there’s somewhere dumber I don’t know about.

Isn’t there a section on Fark or someplace where they snark on really unbelievable forums? I remember reading a couple (both of them teen-oriented forums) and coming away feeling very hopeless for the future of humanity.