Where is the HMS Bounty?

Any info on where the ship is now? The reports say that it sank 90 miles SE of Hatteras.
Any idea how deep the water is there?
I am not used to reading charts and have no more detailed location info.
The current must be strong and salvage unsure.
What do you know, my straight dope sailors?

Pitacairn, of course. Is there any debate?

This site gives its location as

Thank you John, I should have noted it is the replica of the Bounty that I ask of.

tomndebb, thank you very much.
Now any idea of how deep is that location?

GoogleEarth says ~14,100 ft.

My that is deep. Who wants to go on a salvage trip?

James Cameron?

That isn’t the Bounty on the bottom of the sea of course, it’s the Ship of Theseus.

I can spare 20 minutes, in the 1960’s.