Where is the WB frog?!?

Why did they get rid of that frog??!?!

Soon, if it’s not happened already, the WB is no more. WB and UPN are merging into a new network called the CW. No more frog…

The bad news is that the frog was sealed inside the cornerstone of the Tregoweth Brown Building, to remain preserved in a state of suspended animation until that edifice is demolished in the far-flung future year of 2056 AD. So we shall be deprived of his antics for another half-century, alas.

The good news is that, by the time he is finally unearthed, technology will have advanced to the point that disintegrator rays will be commonplace tools of urban demolition experts. So there’ll still be fun things to play with while we’re all waiting for the frog to return.

The WB frog was retired as the WB was attempting to skew towards a more grown-up audience, as the network was attempting to get viewers that weren’t teenagers. Also, for some reason, he had stage fright and refused to perform in front of crowds. Since the WB is merging with UPN to become the CW, the WB’s days are numbered as well. Which, I suppose, goes to show that you shouldn’t make a singing frog the symbol of your network. Although it is more appealing than a disembodied eyeball.

I was playing with my disintegrator ray the other day…and what do you know…it disintegrated.

Michigan J. Frog (the character’s official name) has a brief cameo in the commissary scene in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, I mention for the heck of it.

Well, how dumb was that? Michigan J was my most favorite WB animation minor character. He wasn’t the reason I didn’t watch WB much – it was the programs he was ‘hosting.’

Bring back the frog!

How many teens would think Michigan Rag is cool, anyway?


Every year, the Hollywood Bowl here in LA hosts “Bugs Bunny on Broadway.” They show classic WB cartoons on giant screens while the LA Philharmonic actually plays the accompanying music live. It’s a great time – we just went this past Friday.

The particular cartoon you referenced is always a fan favorite. :smiley:

That much I don’t know. But I guess the network thought you can’t make yourself look refined and grown-up when you have a singing frog as your mascot.

It apparently never occurred to them that the same problem presents itself when your lineup involves the Lawrence-fest Brotherly Love, Jackee Harry’s desperate bid for further spotlight time Sister, Sister, the kid-genius stinkeroo Smart Guy, and the In Living Color skit gone horribly wrong and stuck on “Play”, The Jamie Foxx Show.

Oh, we’re the boys of the chorus
We hope you like our show
We know you’re rooting for us
But now we have to go!

Frying in Frog Hell, if I have aught to say about it!

Hello my honey, hello my baby , hello my rag time gaaaaaaaal
Send me a kiss by wire Baby my heart’s on fiiiire


mobo85** has it exactly right. They were trying to portray a more sophisticated image. Now that the two have merged (new programing starts next month)it’s all about reaching 18 - 39, keeping the best of each networks shows and presenting new ones in order to appeal to a broader audience. UPN is trying to distance itself somewhat from it’s reputation as “the black network” (that’s not a “racial thing” but a matter of reaching more people, thus procurring more advertising revenue).

I heard Michigan is now slumming with the Warners in the water tower.

He was sloooowly boiled.

He was, but one night Wakko felt like frog’s legs and, well…let’s just say that Chuck Jones’s prediction of Michigan being rediscovered in 2056 ain’t gonna come true.