Where is this remote vacation spot?

I got a PowerPoint slide show presentation from a friend that has a few shots of a remote vacation spot, a thatched hut in the middle of what appears to be waters off a Pacific island. There’s nothing in sight for miles but the hut, some beach, the water, and a small footbridge to get to it. Then there are several interior shots–kind of a modern/primitive setting. It looks like it even has a flat-panel TV, though it must be connected to a DVD player.

The final slide says, “Hilton. . .Bali” but the photos at the Bali Hilton web site bears no resemblance.

So where is this?

You can see it here. This might be self-contained, I don’t think you have to have PowerPoint to see it.

I did a search on Bali accomodations and came up with absolutely zilch. Lots of pretty places, but none matching the villa/hut/beach house in question.

Can’t you just ask your friend where he/she obtained the photographs?

You’re not the first person to search for this mystery hotel. From Bali Discovery Tours:

$850 a night! :eek:
Granted, the oompa-loompa bathtub is cool, but, $850 a night!

All right, all right. I’ll kick in $20 and bring the bean dip, but that’s all!