"Where r u" -- "In mnhol hlp"

Don’t walk and text, if you’re a clueless 15-year-old.

Then again, with a good lawyer, it might pay for your Paris Blues, Mudds, Uggs, and BP flats for years to come…As long as you can put up with the “gross factor.”

I think a valuable lesson was taught here. But of course they’re going to sue when they should be paying tuition.

Nelson Muntz is never actually there when you need him.

Once again Mel Brooks was right. :wink:

Is the fact that she was texting relevant? I mean, I don’t always look straight down when I’m walking–would it be funny if I fell in?

Theoretically you’d notice the manhole much sooner since you’d be looking forward at where you were walking.

But manholes are on the ground, not at eye level. Even my eye level (I’m short).

There’s this thing called “perspective.” Turns out that if you look ahead, you can watch the ground, the people, and other obstacles all at the same time.

Maybe I’m just uber clumsy, but I’ve definitely tripped over stuff on the ground despite looking ahead.

There must be an error condition in your eye/brain/foot interface.

You’ve never not looked where you were going and tripped over something?

Maybe a better term would be saccade, by which a “fixated” gaze actually shifts around to take in various parts of the field of view:

I.e., so that your body doesn’t fall into a manhole, even when your primary attention is (normally, not while texting) focused on, let’s say, a traffic light, etc.

I think we all have, especially things that are a lot smaller than a gaping manhole, or things that we encounter at such close proximity they can’t enter our field of vision.

But when you’re walking on the street, you really need to look at the ground, if for no other reason than to avoid dog feces.

All right. I’m going to check and see what I bump into when I go out later. In all honesty, I trip or bump into a lot of things, though. Yes, when it comes to walking, I’m chock full o fail. :frowning:

There’s a big difference between tripping over a slight difference in the heights of different sections of sidewalk and not noticing a 2 to 5 foot in diameter hole right in front of you, particularly with workers scurrying around, a work truck parked nearby, and the hole cover lying on the ground next to it.

Okay, let us know. But don’t send your post on a PDA while walking through the streets.

I guess that, unlike us, the rest of the Dopers all have perfect coordination and never trip or fall or anything.

I politely request that you do not use those two words together ever again.


The best part is that her family is planning to sue.

Why not, that’s the American Way!

To be fair, I think the utility workers were negligent in not blocking the open manhole. What if the pedestrian had been blind or distracted for some reason other than texting? Would we be similarly unsympathetic?