Where should I buy shampoo and other basic supplies?

We currently shop at Safeway and Costco…but I am wondering if there is a cheaper way to buy shampoo and stuff in bulk?

I have a huge family. Any suggestions?

I suppose I could get a business license and buy from a wholesaler. Would it be worth it?

Well, of course it depends where you are.

There are stores in the US (I’ve never seen one in Canada) that sell to beauty professionals at a discount; however, you may have to have proof that you’re a haircutter or something.

I would guess that Costco is probably a pretty safe bet.

If you really want to go the buying wholesale route, you may want to consider forming a non-profit organization, perhaps even a co-operative with other neighborhood families. The only thing is that wholesalers tend to be somewhat specialized and you may need to go to several to get all the items you used to get in a single trip to the grocery store.

You want to buy your shampoo in bulk? Poor poor hair. :frowning:

Just go to your local dollar store where everything in the store only costs $1.00 and load up. I personally don’t see the difference between a $1.00 bottle of shampoo and a $6.00 bottle of Pantien or whatever. Then again, I’m a guy with very little hair so my opinions may be moot.