Where should I get Lords of the Realm 2?

GreenBoy, only eight, thinks the game sounds fun. But, my last computer died without me being able to recover the HD.

Free is great, this game is so old I’m sure I can find it somewhere that considers it abandonware. But, I’m also concerned about security and would prefer to d/l from someone reputable. If that means paying a few bucks, that’s fine with me.

I’d rather not muck around for days with DosBox settings and such. I’ve played legacy games on modern systems before, the distributors bundling a preconfigured emulator with the game. This would be great!

Any leads, teeming millions?

Thanks in advance!

Green Hell

gog.com offers this for sale - LoTR 1 and 2 as a bundle.

Also, it’s a great game, he’s love it. At least until he figures out that Archers standing behind pikemen are hands-down the best army for every situation, then it loses a bit of charm.

As stated above, Good Old Games has it. Should work flawlessly on a newer system.

I’m working 4, 10 hour shifts a week now. I like the schedule, but “games” is a filter on the computers we can surf the web on during breaks. So I can’t look at GOG now. But, thanks so much for the quick replies!

I was intrigued by his interest. I was thinking about the content of the game (I haven’t played in over a year, I think) and I don’t think there’s anything in it he couldn’t handle. At the same time, there’s a lot there to challenge him, too. I’ll be making summer-school lessons out of things left and right, of course. Soil depletion, emmigration vs. immigration, division of labor, military strategy, diplomacy, European history (of course). Not so much as to ruin the fun for him, but then, sometimes my lectures are the fun part. Nerdy kid. Truly my son. :slight_smile:

Yeah! Got LotR2 from Gog. Siege pack came included and it was bundled with a configured DosBox utility that runs like a champ. All for 6$!

GreenBoy was too tired to play much by the time I got home and got it running. He went from playing with me giving advice and explanations as needed, to telling me I should play while he lies down and rests. A couple turns later, he was asleep. :smiley: He’ll have time to play today. Can’t hear what tales of adventure he regales me with when I get home!

Heh, I remember the opposite back when I played the first one.
Far from learning how to roll with the social punches, how to manage classes and so forth, I never stopped being irritated that my peasants never got around to laying brick one on my designer, 5 ring castles or fixing up those suits of armour I’d ordered 15 years ago. The fuckers always had to go back to tilling, and sowing, and harvesting, and tilling again ; each time losing all the experience they’d been accruing as stonemasons, blacksmiths, engineers ! It’s a miracle any shit ever got done in agrarian societies, you mark my words. And the bastard seasons keep coming around, too !
Eventually I moved to an all cow economy. Screw corn, milk’s good for ya ! :slight_smile: