Where should New York spend Trump's Money?

So where do you think this money should go?

My ideas:

  1. Committee to protect Journalists
  2. Immigrant defence project
  3. Clinton Foundation :smiley:

Anyone else?

Serious answers will be welcomed but unserious answers may be preferred.

I’d definitely say Planned Parenthood lol just to piss off the largest majority of righties.

Edit: And I just realized PP isn’t considered a charity. Go me!

Color me skeptical that this foundation or any other of Trump’s enterprises actually HAS any money once all his debts/fines/etc. are taken into account.

It depends on which part you donate to. The Political action part in not a charity, but the women helping part is.

My suggestion would be to the Obama Foundation. They do amazing work raising up young women through educational opportunities around the globe, helping young men of color find pathways to success, and building up the next generation of leaders throughout communities across the U.S. It’s a wonderful non-profit that would truly benefit many lives with a large donation like that.


Of course they won’t. Seriously, the Red Cross would seem like a good possibility.

New York doesn’t get to spend the Trump Foundation money.

The foundation gets to pick the list of charities the funds will go to. The NY AG can disapprove “if information is revealed …that negatively affects the suitability of such organizations to receive distributions of charitable assets.” (Cite is the agreement linked to in the OP’s cite.)

50/50 between Clinton and Obama would be awesome