Where should we go for New Year's Eve?

My boyfriend and I have decided that in lieu of Christmas presents for each other that we’re going to take a trip to somewhere nice for New Year’s Eve. We’ve come up with just a couple of ideas but we’d like some more to choose from.

A little information to help you narrow down our options… Unless airfare is less than something like $50, we will be driving. The car that we are driving is old but fairly reliable, however, we probably don’t want to drive anymore than 5 or 6 hours (8 at most) from Northeast Ohio. Since we are both the lowly self-employed :wink: we’re not going to be running off and spending gobs and gobs of money.

So, any ideas for somewhere nice to go on New Year’s Eve for a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance for any advice and let me know if I’ve left anything out.

Given your details, I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’d find a hotel that has jacuzzi rooms. Get take-out, some bubbly, and other treats and the fun will find you.

Or, you could drive up to Niagara Falls. Check Travelzoo for hotel deals.

I thought about that, but we were up there earlier this year and we don’t have passports, so there isn’t much to do on the American side. (And I’m not sure if we could get those limited passports in time, although I admit I haven’t researched it yet.)

No ideas from anybody?

Well, it may not matter after all. My dad had a heart attack last night and I may be responsible for a rather sizeable house payment while he’s not working.

Still, I could file away ideas for future use.