Where should we go??

My husband (25) and I (23) want to be wild and crazy kids and go on an unbelievable trip to anywhere in the world. We can’t decide where to go and we have 2 weeks available.

So, where should we go???

Well first, you want to take the bus to IMHO. That is where all the good flights leave from. So many choices. You might want to give us an idea of what you like. A two-week vacation to western Europe is usually a big hit. I like France (particularly the South of France and the Loire Valley). Spain and Italy would be fun too and you could so multiple countries in two weeks.

Sorry should have included this: We’re hoping not to go to Europe. My husband is from Spain so we have that available for the rest of our lives.

Thanks for all suggestions!

I’m going to re-post this on IMHO, mods please close this thread.