Where the best (public) place on the Georgia coast to go crabbing

You know what I mean. Blue crabs. The good eatin’ kind. Mrs. Evil Captor and I plan on taking the kid down to the coast and showing him just how rewarding crabbing can be. We used to crab off a public pier commemorating the Marshes of Glynn in Brunswick, but they’ve fenced it off for some reason so we need a new crabbing spot.

Our preferred technique is chicken necks tied on strings and pulled up from the water with the crabs caught by a long-poled net, so we’d prefer a pier or other place that’s close to the water. But if we can get a couple dozen with traps caught on some pier twenty feet above the waves, I guess we’d put up with it. Lots more fun right down on the water, though.

We’re not talking fishin’ here, remember. We’re talkin’ crabbing. Fish are good, but fresh-caught blue crabs are the best eating on earth.

If you were in SC, I’d say go to Hunting Island, but we go any public pier or a bridge that they allow fishing from. Here’s a hint: get a small shark (3 or 4 feet), cut some slits in it, weight it down, and drop it (guts and all) near where you want to crab the night before. Crabs will show up from all over and grab anything in the water because competition among the crabs will get big. The chicken necks will be open game for the crabs.

Or, for that matter, where can we go and just eat blue crabs? Y’know, a place where they bring a big bucket or platter of ‘em and a hammer and there’s a hole in the table for tossin’ the shells.

And maybe a beer…


Looking forward to crab season here in the PNW. I have one trap, and a friend has two. The plan is to go out in the ‘zodiac’ and set our traps, then pick them up the next day and have a feast. As I’ve said in other threads, my place has been designated Party Central this summer. Fresh dungeness crabs, steaks and hot links on the barbie, hot tub, and maybe even some grrrrrlz! :slight_smile:

Dungeness crabs? Ptui! I hear they taste like chicken … rubbery chicken, the kind you get served at big banquets where the food has to sit on the plate for about 40 minutes before you get it.

It must be added that the reason we’re asking on the Dope about this is a few years ago we asked about places to eat fresh seafood and they recommended … and I am not kidding …

Captain D’s!!!

These people were living right there on the fucking coast and working in a tourist information center, and they didn’t know the difference between frozen stuff that’s been shipped across the country and fresh seafood!!! They deserve a good Pitting, but that’s about all there is to say about them. What maroons!

Nonono. Fresh dungeness crab, pulled from the sea and freshly boiled in its own seawater. (Anyway, don’t the buffets usually use king crab or snow crab? They’re not as good as dungeness.)

The correct answer is Maryland. Drive to MD, crab (don’t forget the Old Bay!), drive back to GA. Steam & Enjoy!

Outside Savannah is Tybee Island, with much the same water flow and ecosystem as the Hunting Island mentioned by the wise hlanelee. I have lived in both Beaufort and Savannah. I’d go there. Further south the islands and inland waterways change a little, and I am not experienced with that area.

When I was a teenager, I had a job driving crabs by the truckload from Beaufort, SC to a town outside of D.C… Maybe Maryland crabs aren’t all theircacked up to be. I’m pretty sure they’re fatter down here.

…all they’re cracked up to be.
Good grammer is not essential at 5:00 AM, I got slack.

ALL crabs are to be cracked up.

And eaten!

Just kidding, Johnny L.A. A few years ago TerrorCotta and I had fresh-steamed Dungeness on Fisherman’s Wharf and it was great.

Not as good as fresh-caught blues of course …

Oh, I dunno… I like most any fresh crab!

My wisdom has been acknowledged on the SDMB. This is astounding. It’s bigger than being quoted in an AA meeting. I am so very proud. I would like to thank all the little people that made this possible…

I LOVES me some crab, but I’ve never had blue crabs. How exactly do you eat them? I’ve seen the whole “dump 'em on the table and go to town” thing, but haven’t participated. How exactly does it work? Are there parts that you don’t eat, parts that are best, etc?

First, you rip off the legs. You grab all the legs on one side of the body and rip them out, because you want the muscles that attach the legs to the body to come away with them – they’re big sources of really delicious meat. The legs themselves, not so much. Then you rip off the claws. Then you pry the top of the carapace away from the bottom by pulling lose the telson at the bottom of the crab. There are lumps of meat and shell where the legs attach, you break those off and go at that meat. You throw everything else in the shell away.

I only bother with the first, maybe the second joint if it’s a big one, of the legs on a blue. They’re too small to mess with otherwise.

As of about an hour and a half ago, that pier was not fenced off.

OK, it was a couple of years ago that I saw it fenced. I’ll definitely revisit, then. It was a great crabbing spot.

I need to make sure that you and I are talking about the same spot. There are several great spots in this area to go crabbing, but I don’t want you to make a fruitless trip down here on my account.

Let me know exactly which one you are referring to.