Where the hell do I find/buy "normal" women's denim shorts?

I want to buy a reasonably priced pair of shorts for the upcoming summer, and I have actually been trying, and failing, at this for a couple of years now. No luck, every year. My current shorts are waaaaay due for replacement but I just cannot find middle ground between slutty shorty-shorts that barely cover your cheeks, and almost-to-the- knee frumpy. I guess length is what I mean by “normal” in the thread title: like some fashion-challenged Goldilocks I’m just trying to locate the happy medium.

Target and Kohls (my usual sources for inexpensive clothing that looks pretty good) have let me down. So have department stores during my rare foray into one of those ancient institutions of retail. In desperation I even turned to my mother who, for all her other faults, can SHOP. Being my mother she’d of course already guessed that I needed new shorts and told me she had been searching with me in mind for a while now, then sheepishly confessed that she hadn’t found any either.
This is a total :eek: in my book: my mother can locate ANY retail item she sets her mind to finding.

I felt a teeny bit better that at least a grand master expert hadn’t found any either. But I still need them, so I turn to you, oh Dopers, to help me locate a source for a decent pair of denim shorts before the next Texas summer.

I’m willing to buy online if the return shipping is cheap/free but I don’t want to drop more than thirty bucks or so on a pair. Help?

JC Penney/Liz Claiborne?

Don’t see any in denim but is this the general style?

Also on Amazon, hiking shorts.

You’re probably looking for (depending on your height/leg length) 4-7" inseam.

LL Bean has them, although they may cost more than you say you want to pay. However, I wear their clothes and they last, like forever.

Consider dropping the denim requirement. Target has 5" inseam shorts that aren’t usually denim but, they are that in between length that you are looking for. They wear well and sell out with a fastness. I’m a jeans and flip flop lady myself, but with the black/neutral shorts I deal with summer. The only thing to consider is that the non patterned/trendy ones sell out quickly if you aren’t a size 0 or 18. I’m firmly in the middle and need to buy it when I find it!!

I found mine at Walmart, of all places. Depending on your size, sometimes you’ve got to grab them when you see 'em, season be damned. Lee brand. Our local Kohl’s sells the exact same style/color for twice as much.

Another vote for LL Bean.

Do you own scissors and a sewing machine?

Is there a local farm-and-fleet type store in your area, like Mills or Tractor Supply? Mills Fleet Farm even has Carhartts.

Goodwill. Or buy mens

Old Navy has denim shorts in 3", 5" and 7" inseams. Fortunately for you, there’s a sale going on right now. You can get some for $20 right this minute. Extra 16% off if you order off the website today.

You’re my new hero. :slight_smile:

Dummy, I’m absolutely not above wearing men’s clothes but with shorts or pants, it’s tricky to find something that’s wide enough to fit over my hips while still closing normally at the waist. IOW: curves, I haz them.

LL Bean, another vote. Also, Lands End.

Does Daisy Duke still post here? I bet she could help.

While every woman deserves a fine pair of Daisy Dukes, there’s something about a denim skirt that says, 'This girl not only rolls with her life, but she can make her own damn way home whenever she chooses to the next day."
Nothing wrong with that.