Another thread about shorts. Calling all ladies ages 27-35.

It’s summer and I need shorts.

Just regular shorts that a young adult woman would wear outside to, say, brunch. I don’t have any extraordinary restrictions, no fixation on brands or cost, not trying to find miracle shorts that flatter any figure issues, I’m not afraid of my thighs, but I am afraid of my ass cheeks being on display to everyone who happens to be behind me. My recent shorts quest has turned up nothing but absurdly short shorts that go all the way up to my business, or the kind that my mom, who is staring down the barrel of 70, would wear on vacation to Florida. No offense to my mom, but I don’t want to dress like her. Are there at least somewhat fashionable shorts with a cut somewhere between up-your-junk and bermuda in the universe?

If so, where does one find these mystical and coveted shorts? I’ve tried Macy’s, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack (I know, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack are always a crap chute), Ann Taylor, Target, and Old Navy. No dice. I actually had some very kick ass shorts from Old Navy, but they’re too large for me now, as I bought them 20 lbs ago. ON’s website appears to have normal shorts, but when I went to their store last week, nothing good.

I want any reasonable color, meaning most shades of blue, black, white, khaki colored (doesn’t matter if it leans toward brown or green khaki), or maybe even yellow, even though it’s a ridiculous color, just because I look good in yellow. Preferably blue denim, but I’ll gladly accept anything that meets the aforementioned criteria.

Something so simple shouldn’t be so hard, but I have been on a mad shorts dash for weeks, and have been coming up empty. Have you bought shorts recently? Were they awesome? Where did you buy them?

I used to laugh at people who whined about shorts, and now I’m one of them. Oh, this is what it has come to. I’m sorry, everyone I mocked when I was 19!

Thanks, all.


You don’t “need” shorts. You might prefer nice cool khaki pants, or a lovely breezy, flowing skirt.

I have the same concerns, and I found a great Levis style at Kohls.

Two of my favorite shorts are from Express. I love them because they are short enough to be flattering yet I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone if I bend over.

Banana Republic has quite a nice selection.

I’ve bought their shorts before - they were good.

Actually, Anthropologie seems to have some pretty cute ones too.

I went a couple of years ago to Banana Republic and Gap outlets, and found some shorts that worked. Perhaps a trip to those places is in order?

I’m outside of your age range but I have no desire to wear old-lady shorts or teenager shorts, so I’m answering anyway.

I always have good look at sports kind of stores as far as casual shorts go. Gander Mountain, REI, etc. Like check out these. Heck, I might go buy a pair of those today.

Blow about J. Crew? They sell them with 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 inch inseams. I’ll admit that I’m apparently outfitting myself to vacation in FL with you mother, but maybe the 5" would fit the bill?

Get the shorts that are now too large to a seamstress.

Hey, they’re not that bad.

(The word you’re looking for, i think, is crapshoot. “Crap chute” conjures up some nasty images.)

I’m happy with Old Navy’s Perfect Khaki Shorts in both the 7" inseam and the 11" inseam bermudas… though the 11" is getting towards mom-shorts territory.

I usually wear skirts unless I’m riding a roller coaster or something, but when I do need shorts (for the zoo, for one thing) I go Lands End. Mom-like, yes, but covers ALL your ass.

For some reason, the fact that my age is included in this thread (27) upset me a smidge.

I really need to adjust to getting older.

Oh, and, CK.

Is there an Ann Taylor LOFT near you? They’re more casual and follow trends much better than Ann Taylor. I buy all my shorts from there and they’re super comfy and not at all revealing, but not mom shorts either. I just took a glance at their site- the inseams range in length from 4"-6" which is a good middle ground (I think).

Ok. Well, you’ve seen me in person & possibly even seen the shorts I wear. So, you know, take my advice at your own risk.

I like “Jag” brand jeans and shorts and I get them at Nordstrom. They are a bit long, and I always have to get them taken in at the waist. However, if you buy at Nordstrom they’ll hem your stuff for free, and other alterations are fairly cheap & always good.

REI is a good choice as well, but probably better for you than for me, since I’m pretty short. They’re basically crap at pants & shorts that fit me most of the time.

Finally, and most importantly, Maastricht is totally correct. You don’t plan to regain 20lbs, and even if you do you’ll want new clothing. If you like the old shorts and the only problem is the waist is too big, go get them taken in to fit you. Won’t cost as much as new shorts, will fit you perfectly, and are exactly what you want.

Oddly, the fact my age is NOT included made me feel exactly the same way.


After seeing them on the rack, I want these in the tan and green. Or are theythese? Either way, I think I’d have to buy them in the store since I can’t remember if there was a button or not.