Where the hell has [link edited out] gone

My favorite porn vault announced they were switching servers- now they’ve fallen off the edge of the world. Does anyone have a current address for them?


Don’t panic. The address will remain the same. Most likely it’s just taking a while to get right with the DNS server, or they’re having trouble configuring the web server at their new home.

In the meantime, all of ASS and its subgroups are archived at Google Groups. You’ll be alright.


I love you people. I rarely start threads because others beat me to it, and they phrase it better. Thanks.

I just went looking today and I thought maybe I had accidently blocked it in some way. It is good to see that it wasn’t me…or if it was I blocked everyone else too.


I was wondering what happened - I thought that the (best) free porn dried up. I figured I should have known it was too good to last. Whew!!

My sources say they have firewall troubles.

Be patient.

Nifty.org still seems to be -er- up and running.

No links to feelthy pictures and etc., boys, you know that.

your humble TubaDiva