Where to buy cheap men's dress shirts?

I got a promotion, and I need to dress a little nicer than I normally do. I’ve discovered that I find men’s dress shirts very comfortable and practical for the work that I do, and they go great with jeans. However, this promotion doesn’t come with too big of a pay bump, so I have to think thrifty.

I’m hitting up the goodwill tomorrow. Any other suggestions?

I buy dress shirts for my Dad (who wears them all the time) at Sears. You can catch them on sale for about $15 each. Be sure to get the blends, so you don’t have to worry about ironing.

Didn’t think about Sears. Thanks!

Walmart, $10 Canadian.

I just can’t bring myself to shop at Wal-mart. But thanks for the suggestion.

I like Old Navy

I can respect that.

Target has nice dress shirts. My 19 year-old son, who is a Brooks Brothers kind of guy, prefers the dress shirts from Target over those from Brooks Brothers. The shirts (I now buy for him at) Target are about 30% of the price of similar shirts (I used to happily buy for him) at** Brooks Brothers**.

You get what you pay for.

Paying a little bit more for a quality shirt means it will last longer, wear better and dang it, you’ll feel better.

Congrats on the promo!

A link to Target men’s shirt’s. Some of these shirts are $15.

If you have an H&M near you, their clothes are pretty cheap. You get what you pay for though (at least at H&M, I find that most of their clothes are pretty cheaply made, though I have a few things that have lasted from there. Target’s clothes seem to be well-made, I buy clothes there whenever I get a chance to go there).

Macy’s is good, as well. Their full-priced stuff isn’t cheap, but they have huge sales all the time, it seems. My mother buys practically all her clothes there because they always have tons of nice stuff on sale. You have to shift through a lot of stuff, which I don’t have the patience for, but you might.

I find that dress shirts vary widely in how well they fit me, so I tend to stick with a single source for that reason, rather than price. I also prefer all cotton, even if it means I have to iron. Land’s End has good shirts & they will probably last longer than sale shirts at Sears (which actually owns Land’s End).

I get Mr2U’s at TJ Maxx or Marshalls - usually around $11.

Hubby buys most of his dress shirts at a thrift store called Value Village; I don’t know what states have these stores, but I know it’s a chain. It’s way bigger than any of the Goodwill’s around. He goes by every couple of weeks, and almost always comes away with one or two shirts, for under $5.00 each.

This is extra important for him, as he works with Pitney Bowes Postage meters, and it seems like at least twice a month he’s ruining a shirt with ink.

J Crew and Eddie Bauer have good shirts and if you can get a good price** if ** you wait for ‘end of season’ sales. They’ll be dumping their ‘summer’ stuff now or soon. Or you can do Old Navy.