Where to buy ice trays to make square cubes?

Like in the Disaronno commercials. Ice cubes that are perfectly square. Like 2x2x2

There’s a good chance the cubes in the commercial are fake acrylic ice cubes.

Those cubes are made (well, they are fake cubes that look like cube that were made) from a commercial ice maker. They cost lots of money, so not that practical for home use.

http://www.organize.com/icecubetray1.html?mr:referralID=6ff41c14-ec0f-4057-b5fe-12e1718d3636 Right here. Smaller than you asked for, but square.

Did you even try to look up square ice cubes before you posted?


http://fantes.com/ice_utensils.htm (also includes heart, penguin and star ice cube trays)

http://www.organize.com/fakeice.html?mr:referralID=9b254c20-f005-4423-9d56-e165d921913b (just like the commercial!)

Well, I looked them up a few months ago and didn’t find anything, so didn’t bother this time around. And I’m aware that those were probably fake, I didn’t actually mean those exact ice cubes. lol I meant ones you can make on your own.

It must be the relatively new silicon trays that make the difference. It looks like some of the traditional plastic ones still have a smaller square in the bottom of the tray than the top.

It’s going to take more than square ice cubes to get the Disaronno girl to come lick them for you.

I once had a set of ice-cube trays that made special cubes, for parties & such. The cubes were perfectly square, and tiny (about 1cm (1/3 inch) square).

They were not very practical, because the shape made it much harder to get the cubes out of the tray. (And they melted much faster, leaving you with watered-down beverages.)

I have the ones from Sur la Table. They’re about one inch cubed. And, yes, made of silicone. Don’t particularly recommend them, as getting the cubes out is a bit of a nuisance. But, hey, YMMV.