Best Ice Cube Trays?

I am tired of buying ice cube trays only to have them start cracking and causing major glaciers in the freezer. I’m looking for something more flexible and durable. I thought that those from Rubbermaid would probably be great, but I’ve been reading mixed reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’d love to get my hands on the ones from when I was a kid: metal, with a handle that would shift the cubes and they would pop right out. Of course, look out if you reach for it with wet hands!

While I don’t have a name for a best brand, I do have one for the worst brand. Sterilite. My roommate bought about a dozen of them, and clearly paid next to nothing for them. They are probably the least functional thing I’ve ever seen. I HATE them. I have to run hot water on the outside of the tray to get out the majority of the cubes. DO NOT WANT!

It’s finally happened. I never thought I’d see the day when we’ve finally ran out of stuff to talk about.


How about these?

Or these?

I find the flexible rubber/silicone ones are good for a while, then they suddenly seem to have problems releasing the ice and I end up hurting my thumbs trying to pop the cubes out from the other side.

The best ones, IMO, are the cheap ordinary white plastic ones that have tapered wells - like this (the image shows it being used to freeze baby food).
-you just turn them upside down over a bowl, give them a longitudinal twist and all the cubes fall out - it couldn’t possibly be easier or simpler.

I like these. I’ve had them for about a year now, and I haven’t had the failure-to-extract problems that Mangetout mentions.

They appeal to my geekiness, too.

Ms. P and db, thanks so much! Exactly what I’m looking for!

Perfect for fixing tropical drinks for those Lego tourists you might meet on the beach. :smiley: