Where to buy kava?

Where can I buy kava powder?

does any one know?

First tell us what it is.

Google is your friend.

Mods: As far as I know, kava-kava is legal in the US, as it can be purchased at almost any health food store in capsules. If I am mistaken, please remove this link.

I’m pretty sure kava is legal. I used to be able to get it in stores, though laws may have changed from ten years ago. Any herbal shop should have it. Chinese herbal shops will almost certainly have it, though not every city is likely to have many of those.

I’m not sure what the capsules are for. They’re sold as a supplement at GNC.

I looked at Fear Itself’s link. This seems to be more what I’m looking for. My paripetetic friends went to Java a few years ago, and brought some kava kava powder back. They made some hot tea, which was quite refreshing on the patio of their Las Vegas home in the summer.

Kavalactones, the site says, are destroyed by heat. I wonder if you can make a tea with cold water?

I know google is my friend I tried that and all I got were a bunch of online shops and frankly I do not like to give out my credit card number to any one. I will check if there is an herbal shop in my area.

You can get it at Vitamin Cottage, if you have one.

There have been studies linking it to liver damage, so many places don’t carry it. It does work (anecdotal) and is a hell of a lot safer than aspirin or ibuprofin, unless you take it by the ounce.

Are you talking about the pill or the powder?

Beyond a century has the best deal on almost all supplements. Their Kava is $7.75 for 50 grams. You’d have to cap it yourself though.

I assume you already know about its effects on the liver.

Both. The pill is just a solid form of the powder. I have some in liquid form, which I use once in a great while when I can’t sleep. Usually after a GW Bush press conference.

I dont have a Vitamin Cottage near by but it turns out I have a Kava bar near by and a bunch of herbal shops.

It was legal as of about two years ago, I know that.

You might want to read this from the FDA though.

You can buy bags of the powder very cheaply from Fijian shops here in Sydney.

It tastes like very bitter muddy water (it’s served up as a ‘tea’) and ingesting it is a good way of damaging your liver. So you are not missing out on much.