Where to find a 60/70s style wall clock

Actually what I need is the name of this ‘retro-style’ of clock so I can search for it on the web. I think it was common in offices during my childhood (late 60s - 70s - of course, it may have been popular well before then). Indeed, it was an old episode of the ‘Rockford Files’ that jogged my memory. It is ugly enough to be cool, and I’d like to buy one for my office wall.

First, a similar looking ‘Atomic Ball’ clock: Picture of similar looking Atomic Ball wall clock However, what I’m looking for had different size pegs holding the (diamond or triangle shaped) finales, so that the ‘spears’ marking the hours were (in effect) different lengths. These spears were also all metal (or at least looked metal).
Anyone know the name, manufacturer, etc. of this type of wall clock.

you may be thinking of ‘starburst’ designs - see:


Try E-Bay. I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, but there were only 9 pages under “clocks - retro”, so it shouldn’t take you too terribly long to search.




Ooo…check out these clocks:

Especially the description of the second one:

I got a lot of google hits for “George Nelson clock.”

I believe your are right happyheathen, my problem was I was looking under sun-burst designs - the starburst ones you displayed are what I was looking for.
This one seems closest, in fact
although originally I thought the whole thing was metal finish
friggae, George Nelson seems to have only 1 starburst clock design, sans the little ‘spears’; his designs are pretty unique, and certainly very 60s.

Thanks to all…