Where to find programming help?

So guys I hope you can help me out here.

I wrote a Sudoku solver program a few weeks ago and while I did get some good feedback about it here, I really need a good place to go where people will be willing to help me out and give me ideas about how I can be a better coder.

I’ve had one programming class, and little more, but I really enjoy thinking about problems and problem solving. I’m very eager to find a community that will help me out with this.

Anyone know where I can look?

Hmm. One place that looked interesting when I was poking around online a while back was Here. I haven’t poked at it indepth, but it may be a place to start.

You don’t mention which language, but this portal page may be a place to start: MSDN.

Yeah I am doing C++ right now…

Also, maybe some site that can guide me through the basics of learning to program for Windows? I mean from someone who essentially only knows console programming. I’ve tried looking at a few programs that run in Windows, and I can’t make heads or tails of them…