Where to go for July 4th holiday?

I’m taking a week off and have no idea where to go. Please help.

Iceland looks awesome and is supposed to be cheap, but after pricing flights, I think other people’s idea of ‘cheap’ varies a whole lot from mine.

Somebody at work suggested Mexico (Yucatan coast), but it seems like it would be very hot during the summer and I’m not really sure how much there is to do if you don’t like the beach.

Theme parks are out, as are politically unstable places. Cheap flights are a necessity, but hotel prices are less of a concern, because of Priceline. Beyond that, pretty much anything goes. Thanks.

Too bad you don’t want to go somewhere for Independence Day. I could suggest some good places for that (Boston for example) but that doesn’t seem like what you’re looking for.

What is there to do in Boston?

Edit: Just saw the other thread.

Where is your departure airport?

Oklahoma City

Well, there is always Vegas.
Room rates are hitting all time lows - even the high end resorts like Bellagio are currently offering $90 rooms that normally would go for over $300. Some of the hotels downtown are offering $19 rooms mid-week.

I believe I read on MSNBC that there is going to be a huge discount on flights (foreign and domestic) starting in May, due to the economy and airlines being desperate to attract passengers. You might want to hold off a few weeks before booking a flight anywhere.

Unfortunately, tickets to Europe in the summer are going to be pretty pricey no matter where you go. Good deals might come and go, but you’ll have to watch for them. Maybe set some alerts on Travelocity and sign up for the weekly email from Travelzoo.

Is there a website that allows you to enter a departure location and date, then gives fares for a variety of destinations?

Try FareCompare.

The link should bring it up with OKC as your departure city. However, be warned that FareCompare shows fares that are published, but might not always be available. They also show fares that are sometimes missing taxes and fees (especially for Europe). It depends on the feed they get from each airline. But it’s a starting point, anyway. I usually start with this site and then do some trial and error searching on a site that shows bookable fares. I use the flexible dates searches on Cheaptickets.com for international and Travelocity for domestic. Once I find a fare I like, I usually book it on the airline’s website, unless I can get a good package deal somewhere else.

I know a lot of people like Kayak, but I rarely use it and don’t really like it.